DEW jewelry is designed to flow around the skin and become a brilliant addition to the body.
As early morning and evening dew adorn the petals of a flower,
we also wish that DEW jewelry will help accentuate your beauty.

夜露、朝露。DEW-露- を纏った艶やかな様、身に着ける人にそんな美しさが宿る事を願って。―”

DEW is a unique and inspired Jewelry brand based on the concepts of designer Kanako Hayakawa. Launched in 2012, the main concept of DEW is to create a complete work of art in the form of jewelry; to be the perfect addition to an already beautiful scene. After extensively working in the fields of architecture and scenic art, DEW founder Kanako Hayakawa wanted to create a collection of nature based pieces. A major characteristic of DEW is the feeling of wearing water through the natural form and texture of the jewelry.




早川 加那子 Kanako Hayakawa

Born in Gifu, Japan, Kanako Hayakawa was raised in the heart of nature. Surrounded by towering green mountains, lush fields of vegetation, and icy clear water trickling from stream to stream. Mornings enveloped in a deep shrouding mist. Endless days spent in quite contemplation over breathtaking sunsets at dusk. The rich smells of each season’s transition, and the cycle of life and death seen everyday. The sense of wonder nourished in her homeland instills the foundation of DEW’s design.


DEW by Kanako Hayakawa

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